January 30, 2019
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March 28, 2019

Guaranteed Success for Your Next International Trade Show

Guaranteed Success for Your Next International Trade Show

Trade show and event marketing are the most expensive parts of any companies marketing budget and no entrepreneur would want it to go in waste. International shows require a different and effective strategy to make it a success. Here we will provide you with some tips that guarantee your next trade show’s success.

Tip Number 1:

You can’t apply the same marketing tactics in other countries. Use different tactic and strategy for the international trade show.

Tip Number 2:

Working alone in a different country is stupid. Find experienced partners from the area or people that know everything about the venue and event. Build a team that knows everything about the region. Ask your event partners to make a design drawing that meets the rules and guidelines for the event. That design should be able to tell you about what the attendees are looking for the tradeshows that happen in their region. Good tradeshow partners will be extremely helpful and tell you even the smallest detail about the merchandise and labor requirements.

Tip number 3:

International tradeshow requires some design consideration like the raised floor. These tradeshows prefer raised floors as it’s a way to hide electric cables. Attendees notice if the lighting is above or within, if there is a bar area or kitchen, if the seating area is private or open, if the presentation is live or one on one presentation.

Tip number 4:

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is does your product or services fits within the region you are in right now. What unique your services provide and what it has to do with the people of that region. The exhibit should be more engaging then stylish.

Tip number 5:

Being an exhibitor of another country, you should be really in aware of traditional differences while exhibiting a trade show. For giving small intro, learn about that region’s sports, art, attractions, history. Do not bring religion or political differences. Doesn’t matter if you are selling the best products and services, what really matters in an international tradeshow is the way of dealing international audience. How you tackle the audience of international tradeshow will make or break your chance. Taking time to learn about the difference in the place you are planning is no bad but your engagement should be perfect.

Tip number 6:

Obviously becoming an experienced native isn’t going to happen overnight, so hire a reception person from the place you are doing your tradeshow. This will give a good impression to attendees about you having complete knowledge of their country.

Tip number 7:

If you want to sound serious and sensitive about marketing in their region, you should get your business cards printed in two languages. Although, it’s an obvious thing that attendees will understand English but getting cards in their native language will show a good gesture.

Tip number 8:

Be careful about your dressing for the show. Wearing golf shirts with logos worn by exhibitors in tradeshows in the US won’t be a problem but doing that in Europe or Asia would be, as their formal dressing works. Dress code is considered important during trade shows.


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