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Rent LED video wall to take your event a step forward and make it stand out.

A number of things go into executing a great event. Apart from managing the event itself, having the appropriate accessories can give you an edge and impress your audience. The use of cutting edge visual technology such as services to hire LED video wall is an excellent idea. It has great visuals, is available in different sizes, and is easy to manage. LED video wall hire is a win-win for all.

A video wall rental is very versatile. You can rent LED video wall for events such as but not limited to:


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We rent our products globally. You can get the LED video wall hire in the main cities of the UK and Ireland. We also rent in other regions – get in touch with us to know more.

What do you get from a video wall rental?

We know that our stellar service to hire LED video wall is compatible with other products. It is available for both small and large scale usage with multiple types of accessories to cater to all your needs. Video wall does not depend on external lighting so you don’t have to worry about visibility either. The professional grade machinery makes sure video wall keeps running without any issues,

We offer installation and setup services as well.

What do we have to offer in LED video wall?

Speaker Systems
  • D&B, L-Acoustics, Yamaha and BOSE speaker systems
  • Customisable to your event type
  • High quality sound production
  • Samsung 46ʺ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Use landscape or portrait
  • Delivered ready to use with customised content
  • Full interactive engagement with attendees
  • Accessories include a single or dual trolley mount
  • Full installation services
65ʺ Screen
  • Samsung 65ʺ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Delivered ready to use with customised content
  • Full installation services
  • Large screen with bigger impact
  • Full interactive engagement with attendees
  • Engage with your audience
  • A range of connectivity options including HDMI.
  • HD stunning graphics
  • Great for presentations.
22ʺ LED Monitor
  • LG 22ʺ LED Monitor
  • High in quality and visual displays
  • A great product for class room setups & training rooms
  • Connected to PC systems or Laptops via VGA, DVI or HDMI.
46ʺ LED Display
  • The 46ʺ LED display is Ultra HD
  • Delivered with a double mount floor stand
  • USB port, HDMI connections
55 Screen
  • Our 55ʺ LED display is Ultra HD
  • Delivered with a double mount floor stand
  • USB port, HDMI connections
LED Video Wall Hire
  • LED wall system can be up to 20 Meters wide
  • The NEC LED Wall is ideal for staging events
  • Configured to the space and layout of the venue
Analog Pulse
  • Seamless Switcher
  • Used to connect multiple sources with different outputs.
Q7 Speaker
  • Dynamic sound
  • Cross over network
  • Fully rotatable
  • 2-way loudspeaker
Shure GLXD SM58
  • Wireless microphones
  • Rechargeable
  • Great for hosts at events
  • 8 compatible systems

PA Systems

  • PA sound systems available with subwoofer
  • A must have for big events, parties & music festivals.

Speaker systems

We offer our clients a wide range of speaker systems from different companies. These are compatible with the video wall rental; your audience can now enjoy create audio with great visuals.

46” screens

This is the Samsung 46” monitor touchscreen. It is most commonly rented for interactive events such as product launches. The orientation of the screen can be changed according to need, Software programs or apps can be preinstalled upon request, and appropriate accessories are available. When you get the rental, our installation guys will do the setup for you.

65” screen

Need something slightly larger? The Samsung 65ʺ Monitor touch screen is the best option. It delivers sharp, lifelike images because of the Dynamic crystal color technology and 4k UHD resolution. These can be joined together for your led video wall hire.

22” screen

Are you interested in another brand apart from Samsung? The LG 22ʺ LED Monitor is another product we stock in our inventory. Users can enjoy bright, crisp images thanks to LED backlighting, and the option of connectivity to different types of devices. It is suitable for multiple types of uses.

Get your Video wall rental from hirelaptops today.

Multiple product choices, on-time delivery,
and quick installation – we do it all.

Are you looking to rent Video wall for events? Hire Laptops stocks a range of video walls in different sizes. Whatever the nature of your event or the need, our range of products ensures we will be able to provide rent video wall for events of all types.

On the day of your event, our team will arrive at the agreed time with your required equipment and install it for you. The setup and installation will be done quickly by our installation experts and we will be out of your hair in no time so that you can prepare for your event with as few obstructions as possible.

Hire specialists to help you rent led video wall

Our hire specialists will guide you through the process when you order something from us. Support for setup at the venue is provided. Moreover, our hire specialists will collaborate with your event planners for a smooth event.

Rent led video wall in Mint condition

All rental items are taken care of so that you get best quality rentals. It is our standard practice to make sure your rental is checked for imperfections before being transported. We do not deliver faulty equipment.

Rent video wall for events and get speedy delivery

Want to know the best part about our company? When you Rent Video wall for events from HireLaptops we make sure you get timely delivery and there are no delays. The delivery charges are also cheap and the transportation is secure because we safety proof everything ourselves.

Strategic hire led video wall placement

Our planners will make sure the setup is aesthetically pleasing. They know how to carefully place the video wall and how to hide eyesores such as loose wires or exposed wires. We also offer extensive site evaluation support and recommendations for product placement. You can contact us to avail these services.

Skilled Engineers when you rent led video wall

We have a team of engineers who are available for installation, resolving technical issues, and to see through complete setup. They will remain in communication with the client throughout the event and will also make sure equipment is secure. The removal of video wall is also offered after the event has finished.


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