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Survey Polling App iPad

Event Survey Polling App iPad

Find an easier way to hold your Conference or Registration event with Hire Laptops UK’s iPad Survey App and Polling app Mobile. With the use of high quality laptops and Polling app iPad to contribute to your event, make your event paperless with the ability to search high volumes of information through a single app/program and add a level of professional and preparation to impress your visitors via polling app.

Hire Laptops is able to provide you with an easy solution to holding conferences of up to 1000 delegates and more with polling app. The Polling app solutions provided by Hire Laptops allows you to use your devices to share speakers’ profiles, share agendas, display images/videos, to create a platform for communication to flow between delegates, conduct live polls, and of course to demonstrate, note-take and follow through a PowerPoint presentation embedded within the polling app.

Our Conference Polling app will provide you with full interaction. Allow your speakers to interact with the large crowd on a live basis and in response, allow audiences to be able to ask delegates questions in real time and also submit feedback forms at the successful completion of the event. Our polling app will save time, portray a professional and well-prepared image and will make handling and managing the results of such conferences easier with survey iPad.

Our Event survey app provides you with the following different features to make your app creative.

Some Of Them Include:

Question & Answer Series:

The features like: ask question allow the audience to enter their questions and which is then directly sent to the speaker. It helps maintaining the smooth flow and also let audience clear their doubts in event survey app and polling app.

Live Polling:

The polling app feature in the event survey allows data to be tabulated in real-time which doesn’t affect the pace of the presentation. The responses appear immediately on the display screen at the front of the room during the event and give planners the ability to pull reports off the poll responses afterwards.

Interactive maps:

Hire Laptops makes navigating event survey easy and intuitive. Our truly interactive maps let attendees zoom in and out, tap on pins for exhibitor and session info, and include links to full profiles.

Activity Feed:

My Feed is a personalised stream tailored to each individual based on the attendee’s interactions with the polling app. Plus notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track. Attendees can see in event survey
• Individual notifications
• Personalized bookmarks
• Photos and comments from all sessions or from only the ones they attended in Polling app.

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