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What can live polling achieve at your next event? There are so many positive aspects to this technology. Live polling isn’t just a fun effect to have at events- it’s a powerful tool to inform decision and measure employee understanding and opinions at business meetings. Live polling used to cost more and be reserved for the occasional annual conference or committee meeting. This is no longer the case! An iPad survey app is used widely to transform the landscape of the corporate and cultural event environment. Event survey app use is no longer a quirky option, it’s come to be expected at modern meetings. There’s good reason for this.

How polling is used- different modalities for an event survey app.

Polling app iPad use is one method of measuring and taking live feedback from your business audience. Polling app mobile use is another. Check that your agenda is where it needs to be by taking the temperature of business meetings attendees at the start of the meeting. Whether you use polling app iPad devices or polling app mobile versions, it doesn’t matter. Both are great mediums for navigating the software and conducting an effective polling session. The results are calculated instantly and easily- so it doesn’t break the flow of the meeting, which is great for productivity. Some prefer the size of the mobile, while others who have more advanced polling features will want to incorporate iPad survey app use for this purpose.

Additional advantages of the event survey app.

Live polls are effective regardless of which option you prefer to navigate the software. It’s democratic; enabling a everyone to have a voice or mechanism with which to communicate their ideas, beliefs or preferences within the business community. An event survey app lets each member be heard. This process is also helped by the fact that polling apps are generally anonymous.

The event survey app is also instant, which saves time during meetings. To be anonymous you don’t have to hand in scraps of paper anymore- this makes it a greener solution as well. These apps keep participants engaged. How many people have been to a meeting that is boring, or non-productive? The voting functionality of an iPad survey app, for example, offers a way to keep attendees active in their meeting involvement. Participants stay awake, involved and know that their vote counts.

Whether your preferred mode is polling app iPad participation or polling app mobile use, organisers can set up the polling to enable the professional to measure response upon participant feedback. Attendees don’t have to be afraid of the status quo or of disappointing upper management with their responses to the poll. Plus, the software is simple to use and setup. We’re also available 24/7 to provide assistance in this capacity. What’s more, the hardware interface is one in which your participants are already familiar with. They’ve been using smartphones, iPads and additional tablets for years. Participating in live polling is simple and everyone can get involved in this trend.

How we can help!

Whether you are looking into an iPad survey app or mobile survey usage for your next business meeting or corporate event, we can help with the latest technology including any iPad or smartphone you need to rent on a short-term basis. Not sure exactly what kind of software or hardware that you need? Our team is standing by to provide assistance, offer any answers to your questions about polling app mobile or iPad uses, and a friendly presence whether you reach us online or via telephone. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.

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