iPad Mini

Engage your audience by integrating customised apps with hire iPad Mini 4 at your events.

Hire iPad Mini 4 is available in large or small quantities ready for hire, Hire Laptops understand event types where users are required to carry the device around for longer periods of time. The hire iPad Mini 4 is small in size, has a long battery life, is very efficient and can synchronise with other Apple mac products, making this is the right technology hire product for your event.

Our staff can install the right internet connections and pre-install any apps which can synchronise with other Apple mac products effortlessly. Rent iPad mini 4 and see how it is a great product for on the go brand exposure on social media channels, enabling guests and hosts to:

  • Interact between hosts and speakers
  • Post live check-ins
  • Upload photos and tag your business
  • Post live video streaming
  • Share updates
  • Host live competitions
  • iPad mini rental & Rent iPad miniv

Our staff can install Wi-Fi and pre-install any apps which can synchronise with other Apple mac products effortlessly. We can also supply a range of Zebra printer’s products for all event types including the Star printer.

Benefit from rent iPad mini & iPad Mini rental for events such as:













IPads Air

  • Light and compact
  • Versatile uses of iPads
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dynamic retina displays
  • Available for UK iPad
  • 4g iPads available
  • Business iPad solutions
  • Use for event check-in and event registration

IPads Pro

  • Professional & collaborative
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High resolution display of graphics
  • Cheap iPad solutions
  • Available for corporate iPads

iPad Mini Rental

  • Compact and easy to carry at events
  • Collaborative with other Apple products
  • Synchronise media files and apps
  • Bluetooth, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • iPad mini Rental and pair with iZettle for large events


  • Collaborative with other Apple products
  • Synchronise media files and apps
  • Bluetooth, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High resolution display of graphics
  • iPads mini for trade shows
  • Can deliver iPads Mini Dundee, Glasgow and London
iPad Quad Stand
  • iPads stands
  • Secure & robust
  • On-site charging
  • Customised display angles
  • Branding available
  • Great to use iPads
IPad Wall Mounts
  • Space saving solutions
  • Professional look and feel
  • Available in black and white
  • Can be secured on walls
  • Integrate and use the survey app with ease
4G Data & Sim Cards
  • Connect iPads, iPhones and Androids
  • Full internet connectivity
  • Full installation and set-up available
  • Available on EE, Three and Vodafone
  • Mi-Fi connections available
  • Connect up to 7 devices on 1 sim card
  • 4g iPads
  • Use for iPad mini France, Germany and London
Apple Pencil
  • Great for event iPad
  • Precision drawing capabilities
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great for making notes during a presentation
  • Can provide iPad cases for events

Apple Keyboard

  • Secure case
  • Pairs with the iPads effortlessly
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can provide branded iPad cases for events
4G Lite Mi-Fi Router
  • Connect multiple devices at a time
  • Provided with 4G internet
  • Internet solution where Wi-Fi is absent
  • We can setup event wi-fi and provide hire iPad London, Manchester and Portsmouth

iPads mini rental couldn’t be easier, our trusted team of experts can deliver your short-term rentals across major cities in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide, we can provide:

  • Rent iPad mini 4
  • Rent iPad mini London
  • iPad mini rental Glasgow
  • Hire iPad mini 4 Dublin
  • Hire iPad mini Birmingham
  • Rent 4G iPad
  • 4G iPads hire

We have an extensive range of Wireless products that enables us to offer full wi-fi connectivity solutions for all your events. iPad mini is available on a national scale include Manchester, Birmingham, Wales and Ireland.

iPad mini products and benefit from its:

  • Steady interoperability
  • Adaptability to large scales
  • Powerful WLAN management
  • SFull Wi-Fi security
  • High performance output
  • Full installation & setup

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& Event WI-FI Solutions

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