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Renting iPads has never been this streamlined. No matter where you are on the globe cheap iPad hire is always available.

Hirelaptops leases iPads for any and every type of purpose and business. Book our corporate iPad hire service, today. We supply and deliver our products around the world. We have been renting iPads for purposes such as:













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iPad Air Hire

iPad Air Hire

  • Light and compact
  • Versatile uses of iPad
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dynamic retina displays
  • 4g iPad available
  • Business iPad solutions
Rent iPad Pro

Rent iPad Pro

  • Professional & collaborative
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High resolution display of graphics
Hire iPad Mini

Hire iPad Mini

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Collaborative with other Apple products
  • Synchronise media files and apps
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
iPad Hire

iPad Hire

  • Collaborative with other Apple products
  • Synchronise media files and apps
  • Bluetooth, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High resolution display of graphics
iPad Quad Stand Rental

iPad Quad Stand Rental

  • Secure & robust
  • On-site charging
  • Customised display angles
  • Branding available
  • Great to use iPad for tradeshows
Rent iPad Wall Mounts

Rent iPad Wall Mounts

  • Space saving solutions
  • Professional look and feel
  • Available in black and white
  • Can be secured on walls
  • Integrate and use the survey app with ease

Rent iPad Birmingham

HireLaptops provides the most reliable service for iPad hire Birmingham has ever seen. We cater to various bodies such as for-profit organizations, companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, individual or personal use, educational centers, vocational centers, and so on. To be able to cater to all the different needs of our clients, we rent in bulk amounts as well as small amounts in all cities of UK such as Hire iPad Portsmouth.

Affordable rentals for Hire iPad Manchester and other cities

IPads are costly devices that can make a dent in your pocket. HireLaptops has provided a secure and easy way out of this by giving cheap rentals. Whether you are a student or a new startup, we have something for you in your range.

Range of rentals extend to iPad Rental Ireland as well

Along with our fleet of iPad rentals, we also have some other accessories that can be paired with them. These include 4g sims, portable Wi-Fi solutions, Apple pens, Apple keyboards, cases, stands, etc. All types of accessories that can be paired with an iPad are available. We stock a large range of these accessories in Ireland for iPad hire Glasgow because we believe in being a one-stop solution to all your iPad hire and related needs. Contact us to rent iPad Ireland today.

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Booking your order with HireLaptops is easy. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page, send it to us and we will process it quickly. As soon as the processing is done, we will get back to you for some confirmation details and your order will be delivered in no time.

As a global service, we are currently renting iPads to several locations. We are the best service for iPad hire Europe knows.

UK iPad hire

Top London iPad hire available. We are proud to say we lead the Rent iPad London competition because our package of services is unbeatable in both quality and quantity.

iPad rental Swiss

Please contact our rental consultant for more information on rental availability near you. We provide our services on a global scale.

iPad rental Dundee

We provide the cheapest iPad hire service all over Dundee and its surroundings. Not just that, we deliver the latest technology and the most reliable service all around Scotland.

iPad hire Wales

Do you want the latest technology for rent, in Wales? Just give us a call and tell us what you want. We will take it from there.

iPad hire Ireland

At HireLaptops, we are proud to serve Ireland. No matter where your event is, we will be at your doorstep with your required gadgets. We have the best iPad hire Dublin and beyond. Not just in Ireland, we deliver the most reliable service for iPad hire Germany has ever seen.

Renting iPad from us? Here is what we have to offer.

If you are not already familiar with the line of iPads, here is a brief description of each product.

iPad hire for all your needs

We offer our servicers to enhance their functionality and become as productive as possible. Tradeshows and business events are usually held internationally which is why we have expanded the scope of our services. You can get iPad Rental France as easily as you can Rent iPad Manchester because we are a global service ready to cover all your IT rentals.

Why you should get an iPad quad stand from iPad hire Glasgow

The quad stand is an excellent accessory to rent if you need to display your product or services on multiple screens at once such as in an exhibition or a product launch. You can get a quad stand with your iPad rental Ireland and other cities.

Using iPad wall mounts

Wall mounts are a space savvy option for people who want to have as few devices as possible lying around. It is also a good choice to rent one if you want to keep the device away from meddling hands. The adjustable height factor allows you to put it at a distance so that the contents displayed on the iPad are visible from afar. Get a wall mount with our rent iPad Portsmouth service.

Apple pencil for productivity

Do you miss writing on paper but are still looking for a paper free option? Your iPad rental can be transformed into a notebook through the apple pencil. This accessory pairs with your iPad and lets you transform your iPad experience. Highly recommended for students and artists. Get an apple pencil with your iPad hire Manchester today.

Apple keyboard

In our arsenal of iPad hire accessories, we also have the apple keyboard. This slim and smart keyboard pairs up with both iPad and mac computers. You can turn your rent iPad Ireland into a smart laptop and then un-pair the keyboard to use your iPad as a tablet. This keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect and tales only a minimal amount of battery so that you don’t have to worry about losing battery either.

We are proud to announce that our rental service covers over 50 locations including hire iPad London.


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