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Strong audio is non-negotiable at events and we have PA system hire that you can depend on. Looking to hire PA system models that will provide you with the right sound at a great price? We can help. We’re Hire Laptops and the name might be a bit misleading. We provide laptops at great prices for short-term hire but we also offer a lot more. Our inventory of event rental includes Audio Visual equipment, event software, technical staffing for events, smartphones, iMacs, printers, EPOS, and so much more.

PA system rent options are essential for great sound, and we provide them here. What do you need for great audio? Clear, crisp sound with no sound delay or feedback? A PA system rent it now type of solution that will help you get the event started, and make sure that every speaker is heard? We can provide that!

PA System packages that achieve real value.

Have you ever attended an event in which you couldn’t hear the presenter? It’s frustrating isn’t it? After all of the effort, and investment involved in planning a great MC or speaker presentation, you want the right message to get across clearly the first time. With events, it’s always the one piece of technology that didn’t deliver that gets remembered. We encourage you not to take chances with your PA system hire. .

Great sound at any event.

What type of event are you hosting? We have PA systems for conferences, award presentations, seminars and workshops, charity fundraisers, trade shows and exhibitions, product launches and so much more. Great sound is needed everywhere and there are a couple of things you will want to expect from the right PA system.

You want dynamic sound speakers with Crossover Networks. It’s important to have effective two-way loudspeakers. The right PA system hire will distribute and modify your sound efficiently. With the wrong sound system your guests will just get lost in the noise.

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Speaker Systems

  • D&B, L-Acoustics, Yamaha and BOSE speaker systems
  • Customisable to your event type
  • High quality sound production

Analog Pulse

  • Seamless Switcher
  • Used to connect multiple sources with different outputs.

Q7 Speaker

  • Dynamic sound
  • Cross over network
  • Fully rotatable
  • 2-way loudspeaker

Shure GLXD SM58

  • Wireless microphones
  • Rechargeable
  • Great for hosts at events
  • 8 compatible systems

PA System Hire

  • PA sound systems available with subwoofer
  • A must have for big events, parties & music festivals.

The Yamaha PA system rent option: what we like about it

High definition sound is important and one of the systems we recommend is the Yamaha DXR12 class D-powered PA system rent solution. It will connect up to three different microphones and has a 100W Class D amplifier, as well as several inputs to choose from. What else do we like about the Yamaha? It has an innovation called FIR-X tuning technology that regulates the HF and LF drivers. This kicks up the bass when its needed and reduces phase cancellation. This is just one option; ask about our others!

Additional features that are important part of your sound experience?

When you a rent PA system package you’ll want one that’s designed well and is durable as well as practical. The equipment is easy to setup and take down- which is perfect for your meticulous scheduling and the stringency of venue timelines. Hire PA system options that are easy to transport from place to place-lightweight yet sturdy.

Additional services and technology.

We can help recommend the right technology including PA system hire, for your next event, and make sure that it best fits your business and branding. If you need additional AV equipment, we have a range that may surprise you. Best of all we have remote support throughout the duration of your rental, 24 hours per day. Need a bit more assistance? We have technical staff who can be present throughout your event from start to finish. We can deliver your equipment to any location globally, be present to set everything up, handle integration, maintenance and any ad hoc tasks needed, pack everything up, and exit the venue following your successful digital experience.

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