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iPad conference hire that you can depend upon!

We have all of the latest iPads including the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, the |iPad mini, and Apple accessories of every type. Event iPad hire has never been easier than with the simple rental process we offer, the impeccable devices that are quality assurance tested individually, and the range of additional event services that we can provide upon request. We have an advanced team of IT specialists who care for all of our event equipment, from AV, to EPOS devices, to printers, iMacs and mobiles. When you need iPad hire for events, contact us for top notch service, a professional reliable team, and additional event equipment that you can rely upon.

iPad for conference packages that are difficult to resist.

At conferences event iPad hire has become something of an essential. Here’s why. They have powerful processors but the added mobility that a laptop can rarely provide business executives. They come in a range of specs and sizes such as Pros, Airs, and minis, to name a few. We offer iPad for conference packages that can include Apple accessories and all of the latest event technology that we offer within our massive global inventory.

We have fair rental policies that are transparent and simple to understand, and offer excellent rates for iPad conference hire. We can upload the apps you want to use at your event prior to delivery, and fully charge the equipment. Upon its arrival, everything is ready to go at the touch of a button. What’s more, we can provide services options as part of our iPad for conference packages, such as delivery to any location worldwide, and onsite technical support for those events that could require a bit of tech support at the right price.

Additional services and hardware as part of our iPad for conference packages.

As mentioned, beyond event iPad hire, we offer a range of products that may come in handy at a conference including mobiles, touchscreens of every model and spec, AV solutions, VR gear, printers, and so much more. We have technical services that can ensure your internet connection at events such as Wi-Fi installed by our network engineers. You can have our most basic packages or a bit more than just iPad conference hire. We’ve been helping to launch successful events throughout the world including conferences, festivals, exhibitions, product launches, tradeshows and seminars. We can rent a single iPad or literally thousands. We don’t limit you on the quantity of your iPad conference hire.

iPad hire for events; part art, part science.

We have a lot of experience with the event technology industry, and have found that there are a couple of ingredients that make this line of work worthwhile. We enjoy when our clients experience hosting a killer event, where everything runs like clockwork, the guests are thrilled and the elements that make up iPad conference hire- service, on time delivery, apps fully installed, devices charged, Wi-Fi integration, conference attendee interaction, and more, all just work seamlessly.

This isn’t something we take for granted. Client satisfaction is our number 1 priority, because happy customers are long-term customers, and because we see value in providing solutions that are as effective as they are fairly priced. We’re always willing to help clients rent the iPad for conference packages that are right for their business. When a customer writes to us to tell us how well everything went, how effective the technology was and much they appreciated the service provided, we’re thrilled. It’s one of the reasons we entered this industry in the first place.

For more information on iPad hire for events, contact our customer service team at any time.

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