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Product Launches

Product Launch

Coordinating and organizing a new product launch can be a long-winded process requiring a detailed plan of action to ensure you are portraying the right image at the rare opportunity you have to showcase your new products/services.

At Hire Laptops, we understand one of the key aspects for your product launch events is the technology used to convey your message. Bringing in high quality IT equipment is a crucial tool in drawing in the crowds and creating an environment inviting enough to make your event a huge success.

If your aim is to wow your crowd and use the opportunity to really kick off your products, using pristine, high-quality equipment can help bring your event to life! Hire Laptops will offer you solutions that bring about an interactive feel to your event and a more approachable platform for your visitors. Our highly qualified staff are able to design and arrange engaging iPad walls to show off your favourite videos or to create an interactive game. Hire Laptops stocks an extensive quantity of touch screen monitors, large display screens and stands that can help in creating the atmosphere you need for your audience and ensure your unique event isn’t forgotten!

Diverse Product Line for Product Launch includes:

• LCD Projectors and Screens
• iPad and Tablet PCs
• MacBook Pros and Laptops

Services we provide for Laptop rentals:

Customization: We customize the laptop with software, applications you request for.
Bulk Imaging: Send us your image and we’ll ensure consistent quality across an unlimited number of devices.
On-Site Services: On-site techs handle charging, equipment distribution and instruction for your audience. Our on-site set up, support and accessory add-ons are always tailored to project requirements.
Internet and Networking: We provide you with multiple internet service options and network setup service for all event spaces.

Our laptops are regularly updated to the latest versions and ready to go out on delivery unless the customer asks for rollbacks. Our prices are competitive and we can beat any existing quotes. We have thousands of laptop rentals in stock for meetings and events. We are the best solution for rapid deployment of bulk laptop rentals for events. Our team also look after Custom Imaging and Deployment for any quantity of laptop rentals and the services include:

  • Wi-Fi and email configuration
  • Hard Drive configuration
  • Software Installation
  • Security Settings
  • Multiple User Accounts

We are well known in IT Infrastructure Rentals for the following:

• Exceptional service
• Extremely competitive prices
• Top quality fully maintained equipment
• Free anti-virus software on every computer
• Friendly, expert advice along with Rapid delivery

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& Event WI-FI Solutions

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