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Portable Event WiFI that you can rely on is here in the UK.

Event WiFi is at its best when it’s simple to setup- better yet when there’s no setup involved. We don’t mean hiring an expensive network engineer, or a team to do it for you. We’ve instead created a WiFi system that you can operate with a plug point and the flip of a switch. Portable Event WiFi is available with our WiFi in a Box, smartly packaged in a convenient, easy to carry pelicase. And not to worry, our remote support team is still on-hand with any questions that you have 24/7, throughout your rental. But chances are, you won’t even need the assistance. This is portable event WiFi at its best!

Temporary internet access for events

Event WiFi has never been the same since this innovation: you can plug in and not have to figure it out. It includes WiFi that is so simple, anyone can operate it. You take the regional plug- plug it into a plug point and wait three minutes. WiFi for 100 people is established with no hassle, no complicated procedures, and you don’t even need a network engineer. As always, we are available 24/7, around the clock to help you with whatever is needed. Our professional team will walk you through any questions you may have.

WiFi in a Box

  • Uses 4x 4g/LTE-Advanced cellular providers
  • Runs concurrently for icreased performance and 99.9% uptime.
  • Remote access management: user bandwidth and usage analytics.
  • Traffic shaping and Bandwidth Control per use
  • Optional additional pricate SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords.
  • Live Remote Support 24/7

Simple WiFi in a rolling pelicase that goes anywhere!

It’s portable WiFi rental at its simplest, and we can deliver it to your business or event anywhere in the UK, as well as globally. The WiFi unit is encased in a pelicase that has wheels and an extendable handle. You can also carry it via a side handle. It’s lightweight- just under 10kg, so mobility is never an issue.

Private SSDIs are included.

With WiFi in a Box, you have access to private SSDIs and individual passwords which you can allocate to guests or staff members, as needed. Control access remotely including user bandwidth and user analytics. With four 4G/LTE advanced cellular providers running concurrently, you receive consistent, high-speed performance and 99.9% uptime. Your guests receive an event experience that leaves them satisfied, and your event ROI increases simply by virtue of a seamless experience. We also abide by all WiFi security standards.

What do I use WiFi in a Box for?

You can use WiFi in a box for festivals and fundraisers. It makes registration and donation simple and effective. Use it at conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Vendors can quickly and wirelessly take payments. Electronic tills can operate with ease. Giant iTabs, laptops, iPads and other technology will have internet access that you can rely on, with WiFi in a Box. Need more coverage? We can help build a network connection in terms of geographical distance and number of users as needed. Contacted our customer service team to find out how we can help!

All your event needs, delivered.

At Hire Laptops, we have event solutions that you can rely on, including hardware and software, content creation and technical event staffing both remotely and onsite. Contact us for alternative internet solutions as well, such as satellite, access point installation and personalised bonded internet. We’re here to help, anytime, for your convenience.

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