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Are you planning an event? Then perhaps you’ve realised how practical it can be to combine event software with your iPad package. Any number of events use event software such as conferences, conventions, exhibitions, charity fundraisers, awards ceremonies and so much more. Digital conference KPIs now include whether event software is used and how effective it was. The breakthroughs in event software has allowed a range of functionality that has been previously untapped, such as live Q&A polling that can be conducted throughout a conference to take the temperature of guests, get instant feedback during speaker sessions and meetings, and operate democratic voting options electronically.

At Hire Laptops, we’d like to introduce our conference App iPad solutions.

Apps are becoming more prevalent at events and there’s no end to the reasons why. Organisers like the range of capabilities of event software, including contactless payment, ordering from vendors quickly and easily, entry management systems such as registration, live Q&A sessions, inter-app networking, VIP notifications, booking in real-time, and so much more. We have what we refer to as our conference App iPad solutions, and we offer them to our clients both independently, and as part of a rental package for iPads or any of our additional event equipment or accessories.

Events can be incredibly time consuming and time sensitive. You need the latest technology to help you through it and we offer bespoke software for your digital conference needs that you can design to your own exact specification. We can speak with you at any time about the features that are possible, what you need and how we can best provide it. Our team is available at any time, day and night, and we are always happy to consult with you on your unique event needs. After years in the business hosting events in over 50 countries, we’ve learned a thing or two about integrating technology and technical staffing into events successfully. For more information about our conference app solutions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to create an event package that works for you.

Additional services that we offer.

We’re always happy to help with the latest event equipment rentals and this includes hardware and software. We create bespoke apps and branded content such as menus, landing pages, branded stands and iPad cases, and much more. We also offer event staffing. Our technical team is ready to support you throughout your next digital conference.

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Event staffing; how does it work?

The process starts in our local warehouses and headquarters. We fully integrate your equipment with the latest software and apps that you request. We deliver your equipment on time, and this is without exception; we are experts in logistics. We set everything up to exact specification and remain onsite to assist, making sure that everything works according to plan and handling any ad hoc tasks needed. Then we pack everything up and exit the timeline in accordance with venue scheduling timelines.

We also have network engineers who can help with any connection that you require, under a variety of circumstance. We can handle access points, satellite, hardline, personalised bonded internet and more. It’s something we’ve been doing for years under a variety of conditions and in a number of climates.

Looking for our conference app iPad solutions? Not sure what exactly you need but could use some assistance? We are available and we’re always happy to help. Contact us, and speak with a member of our team to get more information on what we provide and how we can help.

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