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Classroom setup rental at HireLaptops

What do need you need when you setup a classroom? Technologically speaking, you may want to explore equipment rental that includes tablets and laptops that you can hire on a short-term basis. We have Lenovos, Dells, HPs and Apple laptops including MacBook and MacBook Air, iMacs and so much more. We have accessories such as stands, cases chargers, SIM cards, printers, projectors and just about anything your classroom or seminar needs to educate. You can hire from us and get great rates- we are competitive within the market. But that’s just the start!

What else do we provide- is it just laptops?

Your classroom setup rental matters and we have a range of hardware, software and technical staff services that we proudly offer. Our laptops are impressive- with the advanced displays, processing capability and storage that will help you to accomplish whatever is being taught. We have the equipment to handle large amounts of data, whether you are editing film, teaching gaming (explore our MSI gaming laptops) or just in need of some highly capable word processing.

Whatever the equipment, we’ll set it up. Our installation services can include delivery. We’ll pack up your equipment, test every piece, and bring it to your venue on time, without exception. We deliver to any location worldwide, and this includes remote locations that other companies won’t. Upon arrival we can set everything up, integrate it with Wi-Fi, and make sure everything is running smoothly. We’ll have preloaded any software that you’d like into the laptops so that when it arrives, your classroom setup rental is ready to use.

Why invest so much time into the right classroom equipment?

The right equipment impacts the way in which we learn. Having the right interface and a pleasant user journey will make a difference in retention and academic growth. This means making sure that your projector has a decent throw. It includes displays that are easy on the eyes- whether you’re working with iPads, laptops, or touchscreen monitors to navigate learning. It means wireless equipment that connects via Bluetooth, so that your students aren’t tripping over wires unnecessarily. The setup makes a difference, including a PA system that is clear, so that the message has no audio delay or feedback that could distil the points you’re getting across.

Your classroom setup rental is our priority and we want to start with the basics. We can help you to set up whatever academic journey you’re hosting, whether it’s a temporary classroom, a workshop, seminar or corporate training. Contact our team to find out about all of the solutions that we offer, and how we can best help to meet your needs. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience and can provide consultations and free quotes upon request.

  • Steady interoperability
  • Adaptability to large scales
  • Powerful WLAN management
  • Full Wi-Fi security
  • High performance output
  • Full installation & setup

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