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Software Installations

Software Installations

Hire Laptops is the leading company in the rental industry because of its ‘round the clock’ support and services. We continue to provide our services as long you rent our products.

We keep our systems up-to-date and during the rental period if you need any modifications our technical team can also take care of this for you. We don’t only rent our products to bigger corporate clients but also to individuals in need of equipment for smaller projects.

We also provide clients with Event Management applications to help host their big events! These applications will not only allow you to be more prepared on the day of your event but helps you get the most out of your rental.

It’s easy to create a branded experience using our super flexible platform. We let you customise your app’s background, headers and icons. Choose from various colour themes, background textures and icon packs that can be tinted. Or make it fully your own by adding custom icons and styles. It gives sponsors and exhibitors access to create and manage their profiles, images, documents, as well as launch and manage in-app polls.

Give attendees the flexibility to find exactly what they need, when they need it.

Interactive session pages make it easy for attendees to download presentations, take and share notes, cast votes, post social updates and rank speakers. Our technician team is always on hand to solve all your queries, to advise you and install the software. We deliver your complete set of equipment on the specified date and time, either to your office or the event centre as per your convenience to save you that extra bit of time on your big day!

Hire laptops is a highly-trusted company when it comes to setting up your event and ensuring you have all your equipment ready to go.

Our trusted team of experts can deliver your short-term rentals across major cities in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide, we can provide:
  • MacBook Pro hire London
  • iMac hire Birmingham
  • iPad hire in Singapore
  • Business laptop hire Manchester
  • Surface Pro hire Australia
  • AV Rental Germany
  • Laptop rental Liverpool
  • iPad hire Manchester
  • Laptop rental Liverpool
  • iPad hire Glasgow
  • iPhone hire New York
  • iMac hire Scotland
  • MacBook hire Wales
  • Star Printer hire France
  • iPad hire Dublin
  • Access Point Ruckus Rental Dundee
  • iPad hire Europe
  • Laptop hire Birmingham

Hire Laptops can also provide additional products and services:
  • iPad for conference
  • Heckler stand hire
  • Surface pro hire
  • Linea Pro hire
  • Satellite Internet hire
  • Laptop conference hire
  • iPad Air rental
  • iPod hire
  • Projector hire
  • Epos rental
  • Apple computer hire
  • Star printer hire
  • Zebra scanner hire
  • Microsoft Surface Pro rental
  • Square L7 hire

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