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AV rental and hire AV solutions – Rent AV and AV hire for a brilliant start to your event.

Hire Laptops can provide an extensive range of audio visual service and rent AV delivered across the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide. Our AV rental and rent AV services offer an innovative and fully collaborative approach for your attendees at public events and business conferences creating the ultimate interactive user experience. AV rental and rent AV services offer great opportunities to create impactful signage for conferences and events. We have an extensive selection of performance-enhancing hire AV and AV hire products which work brilliantly for a conference, fundraising events and corporate conferences.

To create the full interactive experience, our highly skilled technical team of AV hire will partner up with our trusted app developers and develop customised event specific apps and software.



Interactive Games




Speaker Systems
  • D&B, L-Acoustics, Yamaha and BOSE speaker systems
  • Customisable to your event type
  • High quality sound production
46ʺ Touch Screen
  • Samsung 46ʺ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Use landscape or portrait
  • Delivered ready to use with customised content
  • Full interactive engagement with attendees
  • Accessories include a single or dual trolley mount
  • Full installation services
65ʺ screens
  • Samsung 65ʺ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Delivered ready to use with customised content
  • Full installation services
  • Large screen with bigger impact
  • Full interactive engagement with attendees
HD Projector
  • Engage with your audience
  • A range of connectivity options including HDMI.
  • HD stunning graphics
  • Great for presentations.
22ʺ LEDs
  • LG 22ʺ LED Monitor
  • High in quality and visual displays
  • A great product for class room setups & training rooms
  • Connected to PC systems or Laptops via VGA, DVI or HDMI.
46ʺ LED Display
  • The 46ʺ LED display is Ultra HD
  • Delivered with a double mount floor stand
  • USB port, HDMI connections
46ʺ LED Display
  • Our 55ʺ LED display is Ultra HD
  • Delivered with a double mount floor stand
  • USB port, HDMI connections
Video Wall
  • LED wall system can be up to 20 Meters wide
  • The NEC LED Wall is ideal for staging events
  • Configured to the space and layout of the venue
Analog Pulse
  • Seamless Switcher
  • Used to connect multiple sources with different outputs.
Q7 speaker
  • Dynamic sound
  • Cross over network
  • Fully rotatable
  • 2-way loudspeaker
Shure GLXD SM58
  • Wireless microphones
  • Rechargeable
  • Great for hosts at events
  • 8 compatible systems
PA System Hire
  • PA sound systems available with subwoofer
  • A must have for big events, parties & music festivals.

A professional and reliable team of AV hire experts on-site.

Our highly-qualified team at Hire Laptops have an extensive technological and software knowledge of AV rental and hire AV will be there to support you during the event from the beginning to the end. We treat every event as our own, whether choosing to deliver an event on a national or global scale, you can trust our team of AV hire to enhance the dynamics of the event and simultaneously provide a consistent professional service.

Project Management

Full project management and support from initial consultation to the completion of the event.

Organizing and meeting with the venue staff and make necessary arrangements for setup and installation.

Content collection, talking the pressure of the event manager and sending files.

In-House Delivery Driver

On time product and software deliveries.

Full security of short-term hired equipment.

Guaranteed delivery times from a safe and secure transportation link.

Global tracking system, so we know where your delivery is!

Support Technicians

Support with ad-hoc on-site jobs.

Installation and pack up devices.

Full Wi-Fi and network configuration.

On-site technical support.

Instructions for event host and guests.

Software guidance and support.

Audio Visual Service

Liaise with venue staffers.

Strategic planning and mapping.

Produce on-site content.

Aid in setup and installation of equipment.

Blueprint evaluations.

On-site technical support.

Networking Engineers

Cost effective business solutions.

Organising communication networks.

Maintaining security level check.

Technical support to on-site users.

Infrastructure setup.

Installation and pack up of devices

Our trusted team of experts can deliver your short-term rentals across major cities in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide, we can provide:

  • AV hire
  • AV rental
  • Rent AV
  • Audio Visual Service
  • Hire AV
  • Matrix Switch hire
  • Rent Seamless Switch
  • Seamless Switch hire

We have an extensive range of rent AV products that enables us to offer full wi-fi and wi-fi connectivity solutions for all your events. Ruckus AP is available on a national scale include Manchester, Birmingham, Wales and Ireland.

Audio Visual Service products and benefit from its:Audio Visual Service products and benefit from its

  • Steady interoperability
  • Adaptability to large scales
  • Powerful WLAN management
  • Full Wi-Fi security
  • High performance output
  • Full installation & setup

Don’t Forget, We Also Offer Public, Festival
& Event WI-FI Solutions

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.