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Technical event staff can make or break and event.

Sounds dramatic. Can technical event staff really make or break and event? It’s been our experience that there’s no substitute for having experienced technicians onsite throughout an event who know what they’re doing. We didn’t start out providing event technicians; but we quickly realised that there was a need for it within the event industry.

What makes our skilled technical staff so competent

First you want people who know the equipment inside and out. People who work with it, maintain it, repair it, integrate it with Wi-Fi, preload it with software applications, and test it prior to deployment. It helps to have a team that is intimately knowledgeable of the hardware with which they are working.

We have a team of staff who have been working events together for the better part of a decade. Why does this matter? Because when there is something that needs to be addressed technically at a digital event, it usually needs to be addressed immediately and there is very little margin for error in this capacity. You want a team that knows each other and doesn’t just know what they are doing, but knows how to work well together.

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A variety of events and purposes.

Technical event staff can be called upon for any number of events within the industry. This includes the financial industry, entertainment, charities, education, healthcare, and more. We’ve worked together at fundraisers, festivals, corporate conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, and international conferences. We’ve worked together in locations all over the globe, which has helped to us to gain that much more experience with unique challenges in every environment. This includes climate- the weather and temperature impact the way in which equipment functions- you want a team that has run a festival successfully both in Cairo and in the French Alps. We can provide that.

What can our technical event staff do?

Our team has a range of ways in which they can provide value at your next event. We handle every aspect of an event and can be as involved as you need and want us to be. We offer people who are trained in project management, who can liaise with venues and offer help with every aspect of the event from start to finish. We also have logistics personnel with degrees in logistics (we take timing and equipment delivery extremely seriously). Whatever you need, whenever you need it, rest assured that our talented team will check it twice, pack it up carefully, deliver it to your event location, set everything up just the way you need it to be, test it, and stand by to maintain it, help liaise with staff, host live Q&A and polling, complete ad hoc tasks, and more. At the end of the event we pack everything up and exit the venue on time. Timing is critical for venues, and we understand that.

More about our team

Our technical team is professional at all times. They are punctual. They are polite. What’s more, they are knowledgeable- they can help with just about any event aspect. Most importantly perhaps, they love what they do. It’s reflected in their demeanour and the way in which they operate throughout your event. It’s essential to have the right team behind you. Our corporate partners appreciate that we are always there, that we are solution oriented, and that we provide real value to the role of technical event staff. For more information about how we can help and what we can provide, contact out team today. Our customer service respondents will return your call within 15 minutes and we are also available online at any time.

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