24-hour deployment of Remote Working IT. Laptops, monitors, remote phone extensions, and accessories in any
volume. Fully preloaded software, safe delivery practices.

So what can we do for you?

For the past decade, Hire Laptops has provided many major companies with the benefit of being able to fully utilise and rent IT equipment from trusted hardware brands across the globe. We have a 97% satisfaction rate from our clients and partners, Hire Laptops believe in maintaining a strong and trusted long-term partnership. Our head office is based in London, yet we can deliver on a global scale to more than 50 countries.

We can provide a range of Lenovo, Dell, MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro laptops along with all key accessories for all your event types. Our service at Hire Laptop, goes beyond the provision of technology rental, we have built strong relationships with app and software developers over the years and can offer an impartial view of fully customised apps. We will plan, design and install the right apps as per our client’s requirements can offer smart integration for your apps that can be brand specific and include voting options, check-in solutions, registration forms and more.

Our trusted team of experts can deliver your short-term rentals across major cities in the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide, we can provide:
  • MacBook Pro hire London
  • iPad hire Glasgow
  • iMac hire Birmingham
  • iPhone hire New York
  • iPad hire in Singapore
  • iMac hire Scotland
  • Business laptop hire Manchester
  • MacBook hire Wales
  • Surface Pro hire Australia
  • Star Printer hire France
  • Laptop rental Liverpool
  • iPad hire Dublin
  • AV Rental Germany
  • Access Point Ruckus Rental Dundee
  • Laptop rental Liverpool
  • iPad hire Europe
  • iPad hire Manchester
  • Laptop hire Birmingham

We have an extensive range of Ruckus wireless products that enables us to offer full festival wi-fi and event wi-fi connectivity solutions for all your events. Ruckus AP rental is available on a national scale include Manchester, Birmingham, Wales and Ireland.

Hire Ruckus Wireless products and benefit from its:
  • Steady interoperability
  • Adaptability to large scales
  • Powerful WLAN Management
  • Full Wi-Fi security
  • High performance output
  • Full installation & setup

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We are global market leaders for event technology hire & software solutions

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.