Software Solutions

Software Solutions

In today’s era, technology plays an important role in managing data to hosting events. For your technology to work efficiently there is a requirement of well developed software which enhances its value. Hire Laptops not only offers you the technology you’re looking for but our team of experts can provide you with software solutions to highlight your business and events.

We understand that necessities differ from person to person, therefore we customize our laptops, tablets and iPads according to your requirements. We not only customize software but also try our best to provide you with the same configuration.

Our Mobile Event App software is packed with a number of features that help you and your exhibitors drive higher levels of audience engagement, including real-time push notifications and on-line surveys that engage and inform attendees, while gathering important demographic and behavioural data.

Organizer features and benefits:

  • High availability – Native iOS and Android app not dependent on Wi-Fi once downloaded
  • Multi-language support
  • Real-time push notifications to attendees
  • On-line surveys for attendees
  • In-app sponsorship opportunities including: logo placements, landing pages

Exhibitor features and benefits:

    • Back-end reporting and analytics
    • Seamless integration with their CRM and marketing automation systems

Attendee features and benefits:

  • Multi-device, on-demand access
  • Personalized event or conference agendas
  • Detailed information about breakout sessions and presenters
  • Floor maps
  • Extensive exhibitor information including collateral, web sites, etc
  • Social media integration
  • Networking capabilities
  • Exhibitor-sponsored landing pages and games

For Business:

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