Hire Projector to Give Your Presentation the X-Factor
Hire Projector to Give Your Presentation the X-Factor
May 25, 2021

Three Gaming Laptops with Best Battery Life on Rent Basis

Gaming Laptops with Best Battery Life on Rent Basis

There is a huge market for gaming laptops as both teenagers and adults have an unending appetite for video games. The best option for people who love games is to play them on a PC, but configuring the system for this can often prove costly. Laptops are much cheaper options, and a gamer can utilize them to play a wide range of immersive games.

When it comes to laptop hire, the first point any user will note is how long the battery lasts. People select laptops based on battery life since it is the most important characteristic. Since these laptops are often in the high price range, gaming laptop rental companies have become increasingly popular businesses. Given below are three of the top gaming laptops with excellent battery backup that are available for hire.


Acer Predator Triton 500

Acer is at the front when it comes to designing and producing gaming laptops that have superb battery life. This laptop has an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 with an NVIDIA GeForce RX 2060 graphics card that will ensure peak performance that is crucial for gamers. The design of this laptop is sleek and slender, and it attracts gamers of all ages. With the use of a three-zone RGB backlight for the keyboards, Acer has outdone its competitors.

The battery that comes along with this beast of a laptop is a 4 cell Lithium-Ion with 84Wh that can last for as long as eight hours. A gamer would jump at the opportunity to rent this laptop as it is a perfect mix of utility and function. Gaming laptop hire is the best way a regular game enthusiast can try out different machines and decide on the right one to purchase.

Lenovo Legion Y740

The Lenovo brand has been designing laptops that cater to the public for a long time now. This gaming laptop from Lenovo has the Intel Core i7 9th Generation processor with 6 cores and a 12 MB cache. The processor is built keeping in mind that the end-user likes to play heavy games that weigh on the RAM. The laptop also boasts a high-definition display with contrast and imaging that is super vivid. This laptop is very lightweight and the quietest gaming laptop in its class.

The battery life of this laptop can go up to four and a half hours while playing regular games and will reduce to about three hours for high spec games. The battery life could be better, but the performance it delivers is something that every gamer will truly enjoy. When the gamer opts to rent this laptop, they can immerse themselves in the gameplay without any sort of lag whatsoever.


This laptop is designed in a slim and elegant way which has pleasing aesthetics. It features an Intel Core i7 8th Generation processor along with an excellent NVIDIA 8GB GDDRS GTX1070 graphics card that is perfect for use with heavy games. The RGB keyboards must be specially mentioned since it has very soft keys that are slim as well. The screen comes with a 144Hz refresh rate which ensures that the colours are depicted accurately from all angles.

The battery encased in this laptop is admirable as it has 94Wh that produces a battery life of up to ten hours. If the game is on the heavier side, this battery will last up to five hours. For a pro gamer, it is always the best idea to rent a laptop first to understand its performance and how different games consume battery life.

Hire Laptops has been in the UK market for over ten years, and we make customer satisfaction a priority. With a wide array of gaming laptops that can be experienced on rent, our services are perfect for seasoned gamers.