Audio Visual Tips to Create a Successful Event
Audio Visual Tips to Create a Successful Event
October 18, 2019
How You Can Make Your Rented iPad Pro Better
How You Can Make Your Rented iPad Pro Better?
March 25, 2021

4 Important AV Checks You Need to Make Before the Start of Your Event

4 Important AV Checks You Need to Make Before the Start of Your Event

If you are a frequent event planner, then you know the struggle it takes to pull off a flawless conference or presentation. Managing big corporate events requires a certain skill set and teamwork from a number of people and this entails handling technology effectively. AV checks are part of handling event technology and there are some checks that need to be made before your guests start coming in.

When it comes to managing AV tech, there are still too many issues that come with trying to keep everything balanced. Audiovisual providers have been categorized into collections of checks and lists. This is to ensure that no important aspect gets left behind and everyone has a seamless experience.

Your Simple AV Checklist

By using a simple AV checklist, you will be able to make sure that even before your event starts you are making the right choices for its success. This checklist will help you understand how your equipment needs to be handled and how you can use it in the right way for your visitors to have a great time.

What Kind of Budget Do I Have?

Whether you are thinking of hiring iPad devices or something relatively cheaper depends entirely on your budget. All kinds of event technology cater to the audio and visual aspect of the show in some way. This is why you need to ask yourself what kind of budget you have and how much are you willing to spend on AV rental. If there is any live streaming or video presentations, you will have to do a run through and understand the role this equipment will play in your conference or trade show. Even before you begin, make sure you understand your budget very well.

What are My Final Goals?

There is much significance in asking yourself what your final goals are. When hiring AV providers, you will have to stress on your goals and the goals of your event overall. The main points of focus will be:

– What kind of people are attending the event?

– Is there a lot of energy or is it a professional and solemn affair?

– What is the overall tone of your seminar or exhibition?

– What do you hope this event will achieve for you?

– Do I have a proper vision for my business or trade?

– Does this event have a singular purpose?

Will There Be Any Video Playback?

If you want your guests to enjoy back video, you will have to ensure that you have video playback units. If there is any chance that a video will be played at your event, you need to inform your AV providers and be prepared, either through the help of laptops or tablets.

How Large is the Screen Ratio?

The aspect ratio of your projector screen refers to the overall width and height of the screen. You can opt for high definition screens which are 16:9 or standard ones which are 4:3. Depending on what you want to demonstrate to your audience and how many guest speakers you have, you can make an informed decision.  


Once you take your time and verify what your event needs, you will be able to make sure everything runs smoothly during your event.