April 26, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Online Event Registration Platform You Must Take a Look At

Online Event Registration Platform

As important as the events are, getting properly registered is too. Event registration is a way to create all the data of attendees with all the required information, this factor makes a wonderful experience for attendees.

With the passage of time, event registration is done in two ways; offline and online. There has been a variety of online registration platforms for attendees to get registered. No more hassle of filling the paper registration form and making long queues to get your form submitted.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible online registration sites.

WordPress Plug-ins

This site gives you multiple plugins like Event Manager, Event Expresso, Robby Ticketing systems, etc. It is a very effective technique usually used by organizers of the event that have a low budget.

This can be used by the organizers who don’t want much difficult registration system. These plug-ins might not be able to access some feature entirely meant ticketing and registration.


This site was previously used for mailing purpose but many of the event management software is integrating MailChimp with their websites so event registration can be made easier. This site allows you to set up event invites and registration forms and spread it out with the help of Mailchimp.


Jotform is not specifically a registration site but it is used to build online forms, forms including for event registration. To create forms here you don’t need to have knowledge about codes and all. You can have access to many tools that help in making event registration forms in minutes. Event organizers that have low budget prefer using this site as its monthly subscription is quite reasonable.


It is a Do It Yourself site that gives an easy set-up which manages event registration and ticketing choices. This platform makes establishing event registration forms really easy. Hubilo also hosts the form on their own domain, it keeps the attendees from the difficulty of shifting to an external site. The site is linked to the form and attendees is sent directly to networking platform post registrations and engaging attendees with the event.


Eventzilla is a very smooth platform for online event registrations and ticketing procedure. This site also allows the pre-event survey from attendees because of which you will know the responses of attendees before the event.

123 Signup

It is very flexible software for event registration. It gives you the opportunity to make separate forms form multiple events. It also gives advanced options for bigger event registrations.

After utilizing these registrations sites you won’t be in trouble, but for a really spectacular event or conferences you would need IT equipment including laptops, and to hire the best laptops, hire it from the best rental service, Hire Laptops.