From Fat to Flat Monitor Screens

Remember the times when we had big fat monitors. They were known as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. They stayed in our lives for more than a decade but due to the advancement on its peak, these screens kept evolving. Every now and then monitor market improves and provide better display experience. But should you buy or rent them? Keep reading and you will know about the evaluation of monitors and it will help you to choose wisely.

Where it all started

These CRT monitors were trendsetting in the early 2000s. During that decade, CRT monitors were so commonly used in offices and homes. If we are talking about exact dates than it was 1879 when these weighty and unspectacular monitors came into existence by a German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun.

New era

LCD monitors were though evolved in the mid-1990s but is expensive to produce and purchase, they were rarely in use. This gives an extension to the life of CRT monitors. The LCD monitors are made of layers of filters, glass and liquid crystals. Due to the combination of these, monitors got slimmer and smarter just the way the growing market requires. After the birth of LCDs, building displays with sharper images and lower energy rates became possible. The designers were happy to create attractive display models.

Modern-day monitors 

Modern-day monitors are wider, slimmer and quicker like never before. Now with esports and gaming on its peak, slimmer flat screen displays are a need. Users of today need displays that provide shorter responses time, higher refresh rates and immersive gaming results. Contemporary monitors serve different purposes. Flat screen monitors are available for a style-conscious office user, for a gamer, professional graphic designer or usual home user. Flat screen monitor market has evolved enough to provide the users with the kind of monitors that fits there need.

Up till now, you have an idea about the origin of monitors. Now let’s talk about if you should rent it or not.

Of course, renting is far better than buying, why? Whenever you buy a monitor you are bound to stay on it until it is of no use to you anymore. Meanwhile, the models keep evolving and you are forced to stay behind. Renting a monitor allows you to change your monitor technology according to the time or exchange whenever needed. Here for some rental monitors that you can get according to your need.


•    They are available in 21.5” & 27” sizes

•    They have high-quality retina displays

•    They have controlling processors and safe connections

•    They can connect to Apple pens and keyboards via Bluetooth

Samsung LED Monitor

•    They are available in 19’-32”

•    They have high quality and flat screen displays

•    They are mostly used for office purposes

And many more monitors are provided on rent. Rent monitors is a highly important decision, but you don’t have to worry if you trusted the brand as your renting partner like, Hire Laptops, they have the team of trusted experts that can give you best quality monitors even flat screens. Now you know renting monitors are way better than buying.